What's left when the show is over..

Butch Worrell
Canon 20D
Canon 40D

Canon 24-70mm f2.8L
Canon 70-200 ISM f2.8 L

Post Production:
Perhaps the best description of Butch's work comes from Ratdog's own website:

"As we've said elsewhere, RatDog's been blessed with a number of terrific photographers, and periodically we're going to set up a special one-shooter gallery for you to enjoy. Our second single-photog gallery will feature the work of Butch Worrell, who tells us about himself thusly: In 1965 I was a teenaged kid living in Atherton, CA when I fell under the spell of the Grateful Dead and the entire San Francisco music scene, spell from which I have never recovered. It was Friday night at the Avalon and Saturday night at the Filmore for me and my friends for years. However, a family move took me to Nashville, TN, where I continue to reside today - although whenever I visit the Bay Area I feel like I'm coming home.

In the past few years my love of photography has merged with my love of the Music. I cannot say enough about how Bob Weir and RatDog have not only kept the Music alive but taken it to new and awesome places. I want to capture the moment at as many shows as possible and strive to give those that were not there a real feel for what is was like. Perhaps my best reward was after the St Paul show when my shot of Bob and Mark was posted. I got an email from Mark's mother who told me she loved my shot and how it moved her."